Lamb Steak with Rosemary Hashbrown Sweet Potatoes

Tonight we’re eating a lamb steak rubbed with a rosemary and black pepper seasoning. The steak is served on top of rosemary hashbrown sweet potatoes deglazed with taragon vinegar. The plate was garnished with a lemon rosemary vinegarette.

A: well if you don’t like rosemary this dish obviously doesn’t appeal. Except when I ate this meal rosemary wasn’t necessarily popping into my face.
T: no, it wasn’t. the other flavors were more in the forefront.
A: lamb and sweet potatoes are both uniquely flavorful ingredients, so the rosemary could be an accent rather than an overwhelming presence.
T: I loved the cheese and touch of vinegarette on the steak. mmm that was some mighty tasty grub.
A: I have to admit, this meal struck a chord with me. A very good chord. Tonight’s meal was definately up my alley, but don’t let the title and the picture fool you, we did eat vegetables tonight other than the potatoes and meat. Otherwise I couldn’t have handled it.
T: This meal had a sweet underpinning, but it wasn’t too overbearing or anything.
A: it was the right complement of sweet and savory that everything should have. The ying and the yang. Flavors that compliment one another, and assault the entirety of ones taste buds. It provided sweet, sour, and salty, for sure, but not too much bitter. Although the lemon did provide some bitterness.
T: how unhealthy was this meal?
A: it’s not the healthiest.
T: tell me more, tell me more.
A: Lamb is a red meat, so obviously it’s got some cholesterol. Actually, it’s got a reasonable amount of cholesterol. Lamb naturally has more cholesterol than beef. The sweet potatoes mainly had olive oil, so they weren’t cholesterol unhealthy, but they still had fat in them.
T: hmm, it’s too bad lamb has more cholesterol than beef, because it sure is tastier.
A: yeah, maybe that’s why it’s tastier, amongst other reasons.
T: mmm cholesterol is tasty.
A: mmm.. lamb is tasty
T: what do you rate this meal?
A: I give this meal a 9.2. I thought it was excellent. The flavors went very well together, and it seemed perfect for the fall weather we’ve been having lately.
T: it was perfect for the weather and the season. The colors themselves were of the fall. I give the meal a 9.3/10. Thought it was spectacular, and like you said, the flavors went quite well together.
A: anything else you want to touch on, T?
T: I’ve been wanting green tea ice cream for like 2 months.
A: well, we either need to go to vihn phat, or we need to make our own damn green tea ice cream. One way or the other…
T: Or I could just eat a poptart… noooo.
A: you do that every night! we need green tea ice cream!
T: I know, poptarts are no substitute for ice cream, although I’m not knocking the pop tarts.
A: I am, pop tarts are not a substitute for anything.
T: they’re a good substitute for healthy choice hot dogs on pumpernickel for breakfast.
A: Actually, I think there’s like over 10 times the amount of fat in 2 pop tarts than in a healthy choice hot dog.
T: I’d rather die of a heart attack than eat healthy choice hot dogs for breakfast instead of poptarts.
A: well I’d rather die of a heart attack by eating healthy choice hot dogs than poptarts. Pop tarts have no cholesterol, there are no meat products involved. But, healthy choice hot dogs can’t shake the cholesterol. I’d still be the one to die of a heart attack.
T: nobody’s going to die of a heart attack here.
A: at least not for a solid 40 years.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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  1. transiit says:

    So what’s the trick to acquiring “lamb steak”? Typically all I ever see is chops, roasts, or legs.

    I’m always up for a new lamb recipe. My girlfriend has only let me make it once in the 8 years we’ve been dating (at least that she would eat. My one-time foray into Lamburger helper (ground lamb can often be found dirt cheap post-easter) probably scared the hell out of her)

    And be careful about suggesting that the Pop Tarts are animal-free. A close relative, the individually-wrapped fruit pie seems to use beef fat as an ingredient. (at least the albertson’s store brand version does) Needless to say, the girl won’t eat those anymore, either.


  2. Us says:

    We didnt’ really have a “trick” for acquiring lamb steak – our grocery just keep it constantly stocked. (Yay!) I’m a fool for lamb, it’s only a shame it’s so bad for you. Hopefully the lamburger helper you made won’t have scarred her forever. I will try to remember what i did (exactly) with that lamb steak and post a recipe for it. Maybe we’ll be able to help you convince the girl to give it one more try.

    And about the poptarts – heheh thank god it’s only tyler who eats those nasty things. he can have all the beef fat he wants! 😉