Black and Bleu Steak with Mashed Root Vegetables and Crisp Green Beans

Tonight we’re eating steak seasoned with black pepper and bleu cheese served with lemon balsamic green beans and dill mashed turnips and carrots. The steak is garnished with sunflower sprouts, tossed in a taragon vinegarette.

A: Tonight’s meal was pretty good, but far from perfect. The steak was overcooked. While I went to finish the mashed veggies and green beans I forgot I was melting the cheese in the oven and the steak ended up well done rather than medium. Two thumbs down for the chef.
T: Well I know you wanted the steak to be medium, but it was moist, tender, and very tasty as it was.
A: Thanks, T.
T: The mashed roots were quite interesting. I liked the sassy bite of the turnip, although overall it wasn’t my favorite item that you make.
A: for some reason before this meal I had the misconception that you didn’t like turnips, Tyler. If I had thought you did I wouldn’t have tried to cover them up so much by mashing them. I love turnips.
T: I’d like to give them a whirl in some other form, then I’ll be ready to judge them. I really haven’t had a whole lot of turnips in my day. I’m curious. I never knew they had such a tingle.
A: A fascinating tingle it is, eh?
T: yes, it is fascinating. It almost reminds me of a carbonated beverage tingle.
A: no, I don’t get that. hmm mmn.
T: ok, maybe I’m crazy.
A: we’re all crazy here.
T: it is, not surprisingly, similar to the tingle of ginger.
A: a fellow root.
T: speaking of ginger, that ginger tea you made for me the other day was superb. It really hit the spot.
A: Ginger has been used for thousands of years as an anti-nauseant. It makes a delightful tea. There’s definately a tingle in the tea similar to the turnip tingle.
T: I haven’t found a place where ginger belongs more than in that tea. That’s just where it belongs.
A: maybe not the only place it belongs.
T: ok, so, what do you rate the meal?
A: I give this meal overall a rating of 7.836/10.
T: What was your favorite part?
A: I don’t know, it was all pretty tasty.
T: was there something you would do differently?
A: yeah, not overcook the damn steak.
T: I give the meal an 8.47/10. The mashed turnips and carrots brought the score down a bit for me.
A: awe
T: My favorite part was the steak. It was quite tasty, and the flavor of the sprouts with their vinegarette coating added a depth to the flavor.
A: I think maybe the sunflower sprouts and vinegarette were my favorite part of this meal. heheh heh… Just kidding. Maybe.
T: They went suprisingly well on the steak, and they were quite cute as you said.
A: naam. They were quite cute. It was actually an impulse to use them in this meal. I’ve been saving them for fish, but I haven’t been able to find a decent piece of fish in baton rouge in the last week, so I had to go ahead and use them.
T: we still have a screwed up supply chain.
A: mmn hmm. Maybe one day we’ll get fish. Until then…

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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