Mediterranean Turkey Burger with Roasted Okra

Tonight we’re eating turkey burgers stuffed with gruyere, cheddar, bacon, rosemary, and basil served on a cracked wheat bun with roasted tomatoes, arugala, and sauteed onions and mushrooms deglazed in balsamic vinegar. The turkey burgers were served with roasted okra.

T: You should open a burger joint.
A: that’d be pretty fun. I love making different burgers, but you’d certainly have to expect me to balloon up to weights unimaginable to the average human.
T: No, no. Hopefully I would balloon up, though.
A: Maybe we can make you balloon up regardless of whether we open a burger joint or not.
T: Oh my god that was such a good burger.
A: Asante sana squash banana.
T: righto. And let me repeat, that was such a good burger.
A: well what did you enjoy about it?
T: It was bursting at the seams with flavor. The cheese right there in the patty, the onions and tomato, the balsamic, whew.
A: did you enjoy the arugala? I know last time I gave you a bite of arugala you said you couldn’t eat an entire salad of it, but did it work here?
T: oh yeah. It didn’t seem as potent as that bite I had that time. Even when I ate the arugala seperate from the burger.
A: It probably wasn’t. The arugala you ate the first time had just been plucked from its hydroponic growing state that day, and this arugala was plucked almost a week ago.
T: interesting that it loses flavor, or at least spicyness.
A: yeah, it definately loses its bite the longer it sits around.
T: I’m going to give this meal a rating now, so think of your rating.
A: Ok, I’ve got mine, what’s yours.
T: I give this meal a 9.5/10. I mean, you make the best burgers, period. There are some good burgers around town, there are some ok burgers around town, but there aint no burgers like you make.
A: well thank you mr tyler that there is a very nice compliment. I know you’ve eaten a burger or two in your day.
T: yeah, I think Baton Rouge is a burger town. But that doesn’t mean you can go out and find burgers this good.
A: it’s just that Baton Rouge is a generic american burger town. You can’t find anything out of the ordinary. My burgers tend to be out of the ordinary.
T: yeah, and that’s what makes them so great. I mean, I like free bird and all, but at some point you have to stop listening to it. It’s time. And so it is with mayo, tomato, lettuce, and onions. Let’s explore other combinations, BR.
A: no joke, whoever decided that that should be the standard “dressing” for a burger was crazy.
T: yeah, mayo isn’t even good.
A: no, different flavors of homemade mayonaise can be good, but that heavy-duty crap from a jar is just plain bad.
T: now you might be upsetting our international audience. That’s a lot of people to make mad.
A: I just validated good mayonaise. Crap is crap. People need to realize this. Make your own mayonaise.
T: in Amanda I trust….. so what’s your rating?
A: I give this meal an 8.94/10. It was really good, but not good enough that I think we should round up from 8.95 to a 9, so I give it an 8.94.
T: was there any element about the burger that bothered you?
A: no, although I would have liked a fresh-made bun. but, I didn’t feel like spending 2 hours making buns tonight like I sometimes do. The okra was nothing particularly special, and could have probably been roasted for a touch longer.
T: It was quite good, I thought.
A: was there anything you would change about this meal?
T: It would be cool if the okra had been served in a french fry container.
A: yeah that would have been groovy. It’s a shame I didn’t have any spare french fry containers lying around the house.

Mnasoma somo la kumi na tano leo.
Estudien capitulo quince hoy.

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