Roasted Chicken, Paella, and Collard Greens

Today we had rosemary roasted chicken, spicy collard greens, and paella.

T: This should not be called home cooking or soul food.
A: why is that?
T: this stuff is too sophisticated to be called that.
A: homecooking can be sophisticated. The home cooking I grew up with was sophisticated.
T: yes it’s true, your dad was a culunary school grad.
A: that and we always had fresh ingredients, which is the stuff culinary dreams are made of.
T: mmm supper was good tonight. You are such an excellent roaster of chicken. It’s always so moist and tender and good. I can’t say enough about the paella. That stuff is addictive.
A: yeah, I haven’t gotten sick of the paella yet either.
T: I give this meal a 9.5/10.
A: wow. I really dug this stuff tonight. I give it a 9.2/10. It was my kinduh yummy-ness.
T: I’m looking forward to my nightly pop tart already.
A: my goodness here we go again. night after night, it’s poptart after poptart, you crazy poptart fool.
T: their just plain good. And there is such a wide variety of them at our local walmart. Speaking of our local walmart-
A: oh, heavens to betsy please make him stop on this walmart crap.
T: I was just going to say that it is probably the busiest one in existence.
A: I certainly wouldn’t doubt that.
T: it’s out of control. seriously. don’t go there.
A: take heed to his warning. you’ll be thankful.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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  1. sherry says:

    can we get the recipe