Clean Fridge Stew

Browned boneless skinless chicken thighs, braised in chardonay and stewed tomatos with onions, red peppers, zucchini, and snow peas over rice, topped with fried corn.

T: I think my favorite part of the meal was the corn. That’s not to say the rest of it was not good, but the corn surprised me. When you gave me a taste before we started eating, I got weak in the knees.
A: Are you a corn fan in general?
T: it’s aaight.
A: welp, then it’s sure super to hear that you liked it. It was actually a take on what I grew up knowing as “grandma’s fried corn.” It’s basically corn sauteed in butter with salt and pepper, and here I added basil, cayenne, and a touch of cumen so it would fit the dish a little better.
T: it certainly did fit the dish.
A: I’m sure anyone reading this could tell by our title that this was a meal meant to get rid of everything that was about to go bad.
T: My fridge is on the fritz. It’s icy cold one day, melty the next.
A: it’s not going to be long before we need to get a new one.
T: we?
A: you, but I’ll help you if I can.
T: let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, by golly. So, let’s rate this puppy.
A: right on. I give it a 7.7/10. it was good, but it was still a meal that was cleaning out the fridge.
T: I give it an 8.5. It was hearty… I decided, well, I realized that poulty is by far the greatest meat.
A: I disagree.
T: well you’re weird.
A: no, no, you’re weird. I still think that lamb and pork surpass the majority of other meats.
T: I rank my meats as follows: poultry, lamb, then beef/pork. It’s a tie between beef and pork.
A: It’s not even close to a tie for me. You never use beef as a meat to season things. Pork is so multifunctional. By the way, I just remembered I left part of a pork butt at work that I was going to season some greens with. Anyway, even without all of that, I still enjoy the flavor of pork more than beef. Not to say that I enjoy poultry more than I enjoy beef, I at least enjoy the health benefits of poultry.
T: chicken and duck are so, so good. mmmm.
A: duck is awesome. Duck is my favorite poultry. I’ll definately agree with you on duck.

A: one last comment on the meal tonight: I would like to compare this meal to brunswick stew. It had a lot of similar elements.
T: you can’t go wrong with stewed poultry.

Kwaherini mabibi na mabwana.

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  1. I like the posts: innovative with a touch of class (just like the receipes; props amanda. Good photos make good websites. My only constructive criticism is the dialog is a little corny, but hey we all need a little corny. I think you found a niche and should keep exploring it.