Eggs Katrina

Toasted, buttered English muffins topped with grillades, a poached egg, scallions, and fresh cracked black pepper, served with orange wedges.

T: We named this one after the hurricane, which is bearing down on New Orleans right now. It’s a big, scary one.
A: No doubt. It’s going to do some serious damage to the N.O.
T: We live an hour northwest of there. So that means we have to get ready for the action as well. We’ve gone to walmart, we’re about to tape the windows. We’re installing a storm basement… ok, on to the food. This was a better breakfast than my usual smores pop-tarts.
A: well, I would certainly hope so. Smores pop-tarts are crap.
T: watch your mouth.
A: why, mr. Tyler, I can say whatever I want.
T: you in danger, miss Amanda.
A: So, other than comparing them to pop-tarts, what’d you think of breakfast?
T: it was excellent, but it could have used more salt. Of course, I could have salted it myself, but I didn’t.
A: I agree with you there. It was a little under-seasoned, but it was still pretty good. I give it an 8.0/10. I might go 7.5… no, how about 7.8.
T: I gave it an 8.0/10. I thought the grillades were freaking great last night on grits, though. This was an interesting combo this morning. However, I think hollandaise would have been nice. I guess it’s just hard to beat eggs benedict. For me, anyway.
A: well we would have had to have ham, and a lot more butter than we had to have made eggs benedict this morning. So, we got what we could. I also would have prefered a hollandaise or a variation of hollandaise rather than the grillades. But for what it was it was tasty.
T: yeah, it was. I think the eggs got a little overwhelmed by the grillades.
A: it is a much stronger flavor.

Hope everybody does ok in the hurricane.
Be safe, mabibi na mabwana.

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