Chicken Purloo by Harvest (Amanda and Bobby)

Chicken purloo is an African dish similar to paella or jambalaya. It’s a one-pot dish that incorporates chicken, okra, tomatos, eggplant, rice, and other vegetables and seasonings to make a hearty and enticing meal.

T: this was an awesome meal. Dee lish.
A: what made it dee lish?
T: the chicken was tender, and moist. I enjoyed the frenched drumsticks. They look good, and you don’t have to deal with the rubbery thing.
A: that’s the truth. They’re pretty fun to do to. pretty easy too. I have to admit, this is a leftovers meal. I, with the supervision of my mentor Bobby Williams, made this dish for a Tuesday special at Harvest, located in the Main Street Market.
T: The jambalaya/paella stuff was delectable as well.
A: yeah, that stuff was yummy.
T: I give the meal a 9.0. I could rate it higher… hmm.. no, it’s a 9.0/10.
A: I give this meal an 8.5. It was good, but nothing as extraordinary as a 9.
T: I would love to eat it again.
A: I would too, don’t get me wrong… but it was just a simple one dish meal. nothing fancy.
T: well, we had chicken, rice/veggies, and a salad. I consider that quite a complete meal.
A: it was definately a complete meal… not to mention all the fruit we’ve snacked on.
T: I love fruit.

Peace out. Kwaheri mabibi na mabwana.

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