Curry Chicken over Basmati Rice

Spicy curry chicken stewed with onions, carrots, broccoli, and peas over toasted basmati rice

A: tonight was a fav. Curry Chicken’s always high on my list of good eats.
T: it’s one of my favorite foods. straight up. it’s got stewed meat in wonderful broth, and it’s over rice. It doesn’t get much better than that for me.
A: yeah, meals with those ingredients definately make for hearty, nourishing experiences.
T: I give it a 9.6. It was going to get a 9.8, but the peas, and the talk of peas cost it two tenths of a point. (we just had a lengthy conversation about peas)
A: I give it a 9.3. That’s a very high score for me. I don’t really give too many things a score above 9. All the spices in curry are really what work for me. It helps that it’s nourishing and not particularly artery-clogging but really what it all comes down to is the spices.
T: I can’t wait for the cake later on.
A: awesome. whenever you’re ready it’s ready for you.
T: hmm… i’ll wait a little while. it’s tempting, though.
A: are you still going to see Wes’s gig tonight?
T: Yes.
A: well it’s already 10:40.

ok, later on homies. kwaheri mabibi na mabwana.

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